Sports Knee Clinic: Knee Injuries, ACL ligament, Patella fractures, Torn Meniscus, Multiligament Injuries.
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    Acute Knee Injuries
  • Locked knee
  • Torn meniscus
  • Anterior cruciate ligament injury
  • Medial collateral ligament injury
  • Lateral ligament injury
  • Patella dislocation

    Knee Pain
  • Worn meniscus
  • Over use injuries
  • Early joint wear
  • Osteoarthritis

    Knee Replacement
  • Alternatives to joint replacement
  • Partial joint replacement
  • Total joint replacement
  • Complex joint replacement

    Revision Knee Surgery
  • Revision ligament reconstruction
  • Revision joint replacement

The knee joint is prone to injury, during sport, at work or in a high energy accident. Significant injuries include ligament ruptures, fractures and associated soft tissue injuries.

A combination of very obvious signs of injury (swelling, loss of movement) and the lack of a firm diagnosis, often generates significant anxiety. Sorting out patients in this situation is the role of an Acute Knee Clinic.

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The extent of damage is directly related to the amount of energy absorbed by the joint. However, the swelling can be quite impressive even for a relatively minor injury. Careful assessment is required to plan further investigation, surgery and rehabilitation.

An exact description of the "mechanism of injury" can help greatly in diagnosis. The likelihood of serious structural damage is much higher following a high speed mountain bike accident, compared for example with getting up from a squatting position. Examples of high energy injuries include:

Problems arising after trivial injuries are usually a manifestation of underlying wear in the joint, many patients will recall preceding symptoms when asked. e.g.

  • Failure of a worn out medial meniscus
  • Acute inflammatory exacerbation of early osteoarthritis
  • Episodes of pain from a worn out patella

To further complicate the diagnosis of knee injuries there are several quite significant injuries that will initially settle down - only to give problems upon return to sport or similar activities. e.g.

If you, or your GP are worried after a knee injury - book an appointment in the Acute Knee Clinic.

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